Little Chickie


Little Chickie is an online shop that caters for toddlers and babies in the range of 0-3 years old. They sell baby clothes and related gifts. It has a fully tailored design and build that perfectly caters for the target demographic.

Online Shop
Completion Date:
October 2015
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The Brief

We had previously worked on another project with the customer but in an unrelated industry. They were so impressed with their pervious experience and the resulting website, they returned to us to carry out a complete revamp of their online shop ‘Little Chickie’. The previous system was built using the off-the-shelf platform “Magento” and it was important that for this new project, the company wouldn’t be hindered by the restrictions of a packaged solution, and could tailor the website to their exact needs. Unlike a truly bespoke website, Magento is a constrained platform which means that some customisation features are either impossible or extremely difficult to achieve.

One of the key areas that was requested was to develop a search facility that was easy to use and had a fast and efficient response time. Visitors would need to be able to narrow down their results by colour, size or price range. Stock control would also need to be built into the system and cater for every type of product variation.

The checkout process on the previous site was cumbersome and difficult to use and often resulted in lost sales. As a result, our client put a high value on ensuring the checkout process would be smooth and extremely user-friendly. Payment processing would also need to take place within the site’s design as opposed to the user being passed off to a 3rd party to take card details.

How We Responded

From a design perspective, our talented team created an extremely user friendly design. The colour scheme of the website and branding choices made designing the site a complex task. However, with careful consideration of placement and spacing the overall result is Outstanding. Coupled with precision User Experience principles, the final product is an extremely easy to use e-commerce website.

To tackle the search requirement, an on-the-fly search tool was developed. Unlike conventional searches, product results are narrowed down as the user types or adjusts their criteria. As products and colour and size options are vast with this product range, the database development and queries were carefully optimised for efficient results. We’re very pleased with the search and encourage users to try it out.

The checkout process was developed to ensure it flowed well and the customer had full control to move back and forth between stages. The entire basket process right through to checkout takes place and makes heavy use of AJAX (the process of parsing data without refreshing the page). Current customers can login easily from the checkout and a separate delivery address can be entered. The checkout process features a coupon and offers a system for bespoke offers by category or price range. In addition we also developed the ability to add gift wrapping to the order.

As Little Chickie required the payment to take place in the site, we opted for SagePay’s Server In-frame option. It basically calls in the SagePay system into the checkout page without the customer ever leaving and thus removing any confusion or frustration to the buying process. The beauty of this particular method is that it also means that Little Chickie do not need to go through PCI-DSS compliancy certification. SagePay has already been registered for this, meaning they also cover the retailer for this aspect. No card details are ever accessible by the retailer.

Like our other ecommerce sites, there are a host of other features but with its enhanced search and integrated payment, Little Chickie is a fantastic addition to our portfolio.

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