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Onpoint Fitness is a personal fitness business operating from a private gym in Hertford, offering personal training, team training and fitness retreats.

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Completion Date:
January 2016
Client Feedback:

"The initial drafts were awesome. We were so happy with what was being produced, we started showing clients the updates before it was even ready and everyone agreed how good..."

After spending the last two years trying to build and manage my own home made website (using Wix) and continuously making changes, I was getting stressed out. I realised that the quality of our website didn't match the quality of our service. I then realised that I'm a personal trainer, not a web designer, so it was time to focus on what I'm good at and hire professionals to do what they do best.

I searched google and the first name I saw was AWD. We had a look at their portfolio, and called them straight away.

Richard invited us in for a meeting and within minutes we felt confident in their ability, so when they showed me what they can do I actually laughed. I couldn't believe the quality of their work and how poor it made my home made website look. This was a humbling experience but I suppose that’s why I was there so we started to get excited.

We gave Richard a few ideas of what we were looking for and I remember him saying 'that’s exactly what we were thinking' so I knew we were all on the same page and it made the whole process a lot more efficient.

The initial drafts were awesome. We were so happy with what was being produced, we started showing clients the updates before it was even ready and everyone agreed how good it was looking.

Ironically, Richard falls into our target market, so we actually asked him to make the website so appealing that he considers signing up with us, and with that, everything his team done was exactly what we needed from a website.

The idea of the website being content managed was exciting. I know what message I want to get across, so to have control of what pictures and text go where was a great project for me to be involved in. I couldn't believe how simple it was, and what I loved was regardless of how small my questions or problems, all I had to do was drop anyone at AWD an email or phone call and they were always there to help.

Once the website went live, we were so proud and it really has catapulted our business in the right direction. The feedback we have received has been great and we now fill so confident that it matches the quality of our company. It's really difficult to stand out in such a saturated market, but now we do, in a big way. The price was very competitive. We are also in an industry where you get what you pay for, and that is exactly what we got using AWD.

I still pop in now and again to see Richard and his team, I have also recommended AWD to two of our clients and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Thank you so much for everything you have done.

Jay & Sian Benedetti

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The Brief

When On-point Training approached us they already had two 'Wix' built websites to individually promote both their fitness training and their fitness retreats.

They had however come to a stage where the limitations of the WordPress template became restrictive and no longer suited the direction of the business.

The first part of the brief therefore was to create a totally bespoke website to overcome some of the restrictions of the existing templated websites they were using, along with the development of a simple content management system to not only allow full control of the content on the website, but also to be able to expand the website in line with the expansion of the business.

The second part of the brief was to incorporate both the fitness training and fitness retreats websites into one, as it was felt there was little correlation between the two sites.

We were also asked to produce something different to the standard style of personal fitness websites, and were encouraged to use relevant user experience features in order to further differentiate On-point Training and engage with visitors to the website.

How We Responded

When we initially asked the customer who the target market was, they mentioned that a number of us in the office perfectly fitted the demographic of customers he was aiming for. This essentially enabled us to come up with a design concept that would be visually appealing to us if we were looking for a personal trainer.

We therefore wanted to provide something modern and inspiring with a slightly rugged urban feel, in line with both the facilities provided at On-point in the character of the training staff who work there.

The easily navigated image-led design incorporates a number of user experience features and is the first website we have developed that uses a parallax effect on the main image providing a sense of movement and realism. We even created a subtle clock from the compass point design in the main logo, which takes exactly 1 minute to rotate through 360°.

Throughout the site we used cut shapes and angles taking inspiration from the On-point Training logo, and by balancing copy with inspirational photography and unique icons representing each of the main services provided, were able to ensure the branding was represented across the website.

As the training retreats run by on point are held in Cyprus we slightly modified the logo changing the compass into a sun, and in order to ensure visitors to the website understood they had accessed a different service, change the colour from blue to orange and created a submenu specifically aimed at providing detail about the retreats.

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