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Centrally located in London with shops in Charing Cross Road and Denmark Street, Wunjo specialise primarily in guitars - selling new, used and vintage - acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Completion Date:
November 2017

The Brief

Wunjo already had an ecommerce website, but it was in the region of 5 years old and so was technically out of date which was limiting the ability to move the online business forward. The site was also not ‘responsive’ making it an unpleasant experience when browsing the site on mobile devices, and in turn the optimisation of the site was starting to suffer.

As a very dynamic business Wunjo were very aware of the short comings of their existing website and so started the process of updating their website. Whilst in most cases website design companies will design and develop the website, however, in this instance Wunjo already had most of the pages designed based on a style and identity that flows through all of their shops.

Obviously Wunjo were looking for a fully responsive (mobile friendly) website, with a full content management system (CMS) providing them with the ability to manage all of the content of their site quickly and easily without the need to come back to us. They also needed a number of very non-standard features which simply wouldn’t have been achievable using any of the off-the-shelf ecommerce systems that are available, so a bespoke solution was imperative.


Despite being based in Hertfordshire, we really enjoy working with London based business. We know that we can produce websites which are as equally well designed and technically advanced as some of the big London based agencies, but because of our much lower overheads, we can offer our services at a fraction of the price. The fact that we are all into our music and all ‘wannabe guitar legends’ also added to our desire to win the project.

So, with the project secured we set about translating the design (which was provided as a series of PDFs) into a coded frontend build. This process threw up a few design anomalies specifically relating to the translation of the design into a ‘responsive’ layout, for example, how both the drop down menu and advanced search feature would work on mobile devices, but with a few adjustments based on our recommendations, we quickly overcame them and were able to move on with the build process.

The development phase of the project flowed without there being too much need to involve the customer as any issues had been resolved in the previous frontend build phase. In order to assist Wunjo with the uploading process of their hundreds of products, many of which coming with multiple buying options, such as right or left handed, body colour and neck colour, along with additional information such as the various specification; in collaboration with the guys at Wunjo, we developed a CSV upload/download feature allowing them to add all the information into a spreadsheet and carryout a single upload rather than having to upload products individually.

The site also has a comparison system allowing visitors to quickly compare the features of up to four products at a time, and there is also an ability for signed up visitors to create their ‘dream rig’, where numerous products can be uploaded in a ‘wish list’ fashion.

The tools we used

Drag and Drop System
Bespoke Icons/ Infographics
CSV Upload Facility
Advanced Search
Social Media Sharing
Payment Integration
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