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Website design is the standard term given not only to the design of a website but also its development.

Web Design

Initial Website Design Concepts & Inspiration

Of course, in order to develop a website you must firstly have a design to work with, and so the first stage of our process is to come up with initial design concepts to give the customer an idea of how the finished website may look. Typically this will emulate as closely as possible the finished design with regard to the overall layout, the balance and placement of imagery, the copy and the proposed colour scheme. In most cases we tend to use test copy and imagery at this stage, although we do try to use relevant images.

The design of websites also takes into consideration a business’s existing corporate identity, the market and demographic the site is targeting, responsive design structures and any legal compliances that need to be adhered to.

As well as carrying out research into the client's industry, we analyse their competitor’s websites to ensure we design something that will set them apart from the rest. We always take the time to understand our customers’ business, getting to know what their expectations of the website are and finding out their personal likes and dislikes when it comes to design. It is for these reasons that we have a very good track record with our initial design concepts, and in almost every case have come up with designs that exceed expectations.

As design is very subjective and what one person likes another may not, we always give our customers the opportunity to provide feedback on the design concepts. Will will then alter them based on this feedback until the customer is happy and the design has been approved and signed off, at which stage we go through a similar process with the key internal pages.

The development of a website starts with the ‘front end’ where the design changes from a static image to dynamic code. It is at this stage the website comes alive as the style sheets are developed that determine how the various elements of the website are viewed, and how they are viewed on different devices. It’s also the time all of the interaction and user experience features are put in place.

Once this stage is complete the site is handed over to the developers to build the required databases and bespoke Content Management System that will allow the customer to manage all of the content on the website.

What makes us so good

As a company we stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons. Our customers’ websites are extremely important to us and we produce the highest level of quality for every stage of design, and development right through to the final handover and after care.

Each of our in-house team thrive on the strictest standards when it comes to the quality of the product we deliver. Our websites are developed responsively to ensure they are not just made for each screen type, but are individually crafted for numerous screens, devices and orientations while keeping usability a peak level. 

At AWD, every page is designed and constructed to ensure it has maximum levels of Search Engine Optimisation in place. This guarantees your website will not only be easy to find but maximises visitors and ensures customers stay engaged for longer.

Speed is a key factor in ensuring the website has a high user experience level and allows the user to get to the information they want in the fastest possible time. At AWD, we build every aspect of the site and carefully speed test every page keeping coding to the best industry standards. Images are optimised at the load stage for the device or screens size which ensures download speeds are kept to a minimum.

award winning websites

Award Winning Websites

We are very proud of the fact that over the last few years we have developed three independently voted for Award Winning Websites in the angling, holiday and education sectors. Whilst the customers did have an input, with the exception of a few minor tweaks, all three designs ended up being very close to the initial design concepts we had submitted to the clients.

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