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Websites are not just about Web Design, CMS or ecommerce: they can also be online systems or web applications for your business.

Internet Ready for Your Business

In your business, you’re likely to use software for your accounts or other functionality. Quite often these are programmes stored on your computer or network. The trouble with these systems is they are often restricted or require dedicated people to install them.

Website software or an online systems can achieve the exact same functionality but are web based and written in the same language as any website. This is an area where AWD has an extensive background in. We aren’t just website designers or developers, we are application developers. The reality is we can build bespoke online systems for you that take care of all your needs and quite often can be built at a small percentage of the cost of corporate software.

With our solutions you can take control of your business and processes easily and efficiently. Each system is very different, that’s why we will spec out your requirements and deliver an internet ready system tailored to your every need.


Accessible In The Cloud

Online systems are accessible from any computer anywhere where there is an Internet connection. This means you can access and manage your business anywhere in the world without any software.

As with all our web development projects, our systems are fully responsive too. As a result you can access them via your iPad and iPhone too. Changes can be made quickly and efficiently using these types of devices.

Security & Backups

As your system is online, security is paramount. That’s why we use high level encryption for all your data. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates as standard on our systems. As with all our websites, e-commerce sites and systems, we take regular backups so if the unthinkable happens, we can restore your data for you.


While any industry will always have packages available, they are often bloated with features you will never use. This presents an issue with usability as forms will become complex, difficult to use and slow. As a bespoke development company, everything we build is completely written for you. A tailored system is fully flexible to your needs and as your needs change, the systems can change with you.

With every system we build, we can easily add features. Sometimes they can be small upgrades or an entire new project phase. That’s the beauty of having your web software developed by us. You choose the level of upgrades on a request by request basis.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the process of managing your customers and their accounts within your business. Using an online system to do this has many benefits. As mentioned, it can be completely bespoke to you so only relevant information is required.

With a CRM software you can manage bookings with just a few mouse clicks. Emails can be automated, completely removing the huge admin task of repetitive communication. As a result, business owners can communicate in a more time focused manner which not only increases your one to one relationships but improves business overall.

Stock Management

One of the biggest difficulties for any product based business is managing your inventory. With a bespoke system that handles your stock levels we can build to any range of requirements. If you use 3rd party software, that’s no problem we could build an API for external integration.

You could even set alerts when stock crosses a threshold and if your provider supports it, it will automatically order more when that level has been passed.

Manage Invoices, Payments & Reminders

One of the great things about an online system is that it is connected to the internet. As a result, every type of document can be distributed via a majority of web based communication such as email.

Our web software can create invoices for which can be 100% tailored to your requirements which at the design and information level means your business has a perfectly tailored invoicing system.

Taking payment is one of the key features of any business. This can be achieved in many different ways. Firstly, you can simply handle your invoice payments by updating the system manually. You could even integrate directly with your bank account to monitor payments and mark them off automatically. Finally, integration into online payment providers is a fantastic way to take payments. Our provider service sections discusses in detail, so please take a look.

Custom Built Reporting

No system would be complete without reporting. Whatever your requirements, be it low level reporting where you can see simple visits or multi level complex reporting where you can monitor customer habits, it is paramount to any business. Graphics are key to our reporting, which is why we can offer you a range of visualisations so you can see report results at a distance.

Your Specification To Reality

The beauty of our online systems, web software or CRM development project is that everything is 100% bespoke to you. You tell us what you want to achieve and we bring that to reality in an easy to use and highly functional system.

A detailed specification is key to any project. We work in both ways, you can either write the specification or book a meeting to discuss the possibilities and thrash out ideas from both sides.

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