Etang Negreloube


Etang Negreloube is a new French carp fishing holiday venue located in the beautiful French region of Limousin.

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Completion Date:
February 2018
Client Feedback:

"Throughout the entire build, the extensive experience the team hold was invaluable..."

Being a brand new business and knowing the importance of having a good website, we carried out a lot of research into different companies and we kept coming back to AWD.

We reviewed their completed websites and following some good recommendations we decided to give Rich a call and go through what we needed. Immediately we were comforted with the professional and knowledgeable experience we were looking for, with some great ideas thrown at us already giving us a good understanding of the level of service and enthusiasm we would receive.

Having different departments within the company who specialise in each stage of the build, we began our conversations with Oli and phase 1 was underway in no time at all.

Within a very short time we were receiving conceptual designs for our approval and with close communication and immediate response times, the homepage was complete and ready to hand over to phase 2 where the back end was to be created.

As above, phase 2 went as smooth as it could with excellent communication from Gareth and page by page we completed all the requested tabs, and the website was starting to look real good. Throughout the entire build, the extensive experience the team hold was invaluable offering ideas and helping with laying out the website out so ensure it looks as modern and professional as possible.

Once the website was completed we were invited to the offices for a one to one handover and run through the CMS element. Again, the service we received was second to none and a real friendly environment made us feel very comfortable. With a few more minor tweaks the website was launched and we were able to start promoting to our customers with confidence.

AWD would come highly recommended in our books to anyone seeking a website build.

On behalf of all the team at Etang Negreloube, we can’t thank you enough and look forward to a promising future working together.

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Richard, the owner of Advanced Web Designs is a keen carp angler, and as a company we have built a large number of websites for fishing related businesses. The fact Richard can talk the ‘lingo’ with customers in this market is extremely beneficial to both them and us. Boilies, rigs, swims, spods, PVA and pop-up’s are all now common terms in the office that even the non-anglers here fully understand.

It’s because of this knowledge and our experience in the industry that we were recommended to the owners of a new commercial French carp fishing holiday venue who were keen to get a website built to promote their fishery.

As with most websites in most industries, the main objective of pretty much any French carp fishery website is to encourage enquiries and bookings, in what is a competitive and growing market. It’s therefore very important that the website not only projects a well-run fishery, but also quickly and easily provides key information about the fishery, such as the location, size of the lake, stock figures, the all-important ‘biggest carp’ and costs, as well as information about the onsite facilities available to anglers.

As well as a visually inspiring website, because of the increasing levels of competition in the market, it’s also very important to consider search engine optimisation in both the design and build phases of the website to ensure it’s as optimised as possible. We’re not going to give away all the secrets here, but as with all our websites, the Etang Negreloube website was developed to be ‘on-page’ optimised.


As the venue was essentially a new French carp fishing holiday venue, we wanted to give it a modern look reinforcing the fishery, not only as a current option but something that’s going to be a bit special in the future.

We wanted to ensure that the key information which would encourage potential anglers to look at the fishery in more detail was easy to find, and so we decided to put the information most important to anglers on the top banner of the home page, backed up with a number of ‘call to action’ to encourage bookings.

We created a lake map which provides website visitors with information about the depths of the lake and the fishing boundaries of each swim, as well as offering the ability to click on any of the marked swims to see more information, such as phots and videos of that particular swim.

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