SONOS is an international household name in the consumer electronics industry, producing multi-room home entertainment systems and wireless audio solutions. AWD are working on a number of projects with SONOS.

Completion Date:
November 2014
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The Brief

SONOS approached AWD to design and develop a microsite that their independent and chain retailers could incorporate into their own site. The SONOS brand is extremely important and is associated with quality. To ensure those quality marks are unaltered and the rules are followed to perfect integrity, an incorporated micro site was needed.

The site also needed to be responsive and fully tailored to the device they were being viewed on. In addition the site needed to change over time when new products are launched.

How We Responded

We started out by designing a front end website that strictly followed the guidelines of the SONOS branding while at the same time presented a high level of enhancement. The AWD team developed a number of bespoke animations such as the sound wave that emanates directly from the speaker scroller on the home page. The animation was custom written by our skilled front end developers.

For the back-end implementation our team developed a JavaScript framework to allow for inclusion on any website. The retailer visits the generator page, pastes their eCommerce sale links into the appropriate boxes and at the click of a button they have the code snippet to include on their site. The process is simple and effective.

As we used JavaScript as opposed the the other limited methods, our implementation has a flawless presentation to the user. As we always like to allow for every scenario we also developed a backup method to allow for 100% compatibility with any website no matter how they were developed.

The feedback SONOS has provided has been exceptional and we are working on other projects with them.

Future Development

SONOS is an important brand and we currently in the process of other development work for them. We will detail those projects once launched so please check back for updates.

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