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Website Redesign Solutions

The process of re-think or updating the design and/or development to modern standards.

Revamp your old design to meet the needs of users today

Most existing business will already have a website but invariably there comes a time when the site is no longer representative of the company it was initially developed for.

There are many reasons people choose to re-design their website; it could be that the site simply has an out of date design, it doesn’t have a content management system which allows the website owner to update the site and so the content has become out of date, the business has changed direction and information on the site is no longer relevant, additional features need to be added, the existing website isn’t being found by search engines, the business wants to take advantage of new technology that will enhance the site, or as is currently more often the case, the site needs to be made.

Many businesses are actively updating their websites at the moment because of the number of website visitors who are now browsing via mobile devices such as tables and smart phones. This has led to a need for sites to be re-designed with a ‘responsive’ structure that seemly adapts the site depending on the device being used to provide an optimal viewing experience with minimum scrolling, panning and resizing synonymous with viewing non responsive websites on mobile devices. This method of designing website is reasonably new and only around 18% of the world’s top 100,000 most visited website are currently responsive.

No matter what the reason, the re-design and development of existing websites accounts for a large percentage of our workload and we are able to offer professional advice on the most up-to-date design and development techniques that will overcome any of the issues that led to a new website being required.

A redesign is provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to analyse their existing website, decide which areas are still relevant, and what new areas and features need to be added in order to better represent the business.

Some businesses also use this opportunity to update their corporate identity, which in most cases simply means updating their logo, slogan or colour scheme and we have many examples of companies where we have helped them through this process.

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