Tools Used

User Accounts

These allow visitors to sign up for a website with a username and password to access additional features of a website. They could be used with e-commerce sites for example to view previous orders or re-order items.

User accounts are popular on social sites where there is a community. In many instances with user accounts, you’ll create a pseudonym for yourself for people to recognise you by.

Customers can also take advantage of social media account signups with websites. Using integration customers can login to the site by simply entering their Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus username and password.

CSV Upload Facility

Our existing CMS is already a fantastic platform and makes it easy to update products or items. However, sometimes customers prefer to manipulate data using software they are already familiar with.

A CSV upload facility allows customers to use Excel or other spreadsheet like software to update their website or content management system. Existing records can be changed by simply downloading the CSV file, making alterations in Excel and finally uploading the file to the system.

In addition, new data can be added by using a template provided by the CMS. The CSV facility is great for e-commerce customers as it allows for easy management of data using a well known software that customers know.

Advertiser Link Tracking Any website that offers advertising, link tracking monitors the clicks and impressions of adverts placed on the website. Data is then presented in graphical format and can be either accessed via a login or sent via email.

Detailed reporting is available on all our websites that offer advertising placements. Custom searches for information can be made using an intuitive online. Therefore customers only see the information they want.
3rd Party IntegrationThis is the process of pairing a website with an existing online service, system, tool of software. We have a lot of experience integrating with third parties but typically integration would be with online payment providers such as PayPal, SagePay and WorldPay, sharing membership data with external Forums, passing and collecting data via EPOS systems and CRM systems such as Vebra and Expert Agent which are widely used by estate agents.

Data can flow in any direction when integrating to a third party so we can develop the website or online system to either export data, import data or a combination of the two.
Blog SystemLike everything we do, our blog system is bespoke and via our powerful Content Management System allows the customer to write news pieces and informative articles that are relevant to the business or the industry it trades in. Blogs are great for any website, and as they provide relevant, unique and website new content, also add a lot of weight to search engine optimisation. Customers can also add media content such as images and videos, therefore creating more engaging blogs.

The blog system features social media sharing functionality encouraging blogs to be shared across all the major social media websites, creating trends and possibly even going viral.
Booking SystemThis website features a booking system to allow for viewers to make bookings. Our booking facilities on websites can apply with any website that needs tickets such as a one off event or a site that handles bookings for restaurant.

Each booking system is tailored to the customer so the requirements and functionality change drastically from site to site.

The system also offers backend management of tickets such as issuing cancellations and refunds.
Community ForumOur community forum can either be bespokely developed or can use one of the many 3rd party systems. The forums allow visitors to interact with each other on a wide range of topics using posts and personal messaging.

With 3rd party forums we can even integrate the user database directly so when people sign up via the website they automatically get an account with the forum software.

Community forums are great for online communities and can be a stand alone website or a section of a bigger website.
CSV UploadThis website offers the ability to upload data using Excel compatible CSV files. This is a fantastic feature for many as it allows for easy editing via Excel and then a simple upload of data.

Our CSV upload feature allows the customer to add new items as well as update existing records.
Data Scraping

Data Scraping is the process of obtaining information from another website. The process involves web crawlers that carefully analyze and extract the data from each page of the site.

We have developed bespoke data scraping technology that can be tailored to each website you need to obtain data from. This data can then be stored into a database and you can use that information in a number of ways. A great example of this is scraping prices from other websites and combining them into one price comparison system.

The beauty of data scraping is that you can grab information from any website. There is no need for the website to offer exports. This is beneficial as some websites are happy for you to scrape but do not have the resources to provide you information.

Multi-Lingual SupportMulti-Lingual Support means the website has other language options available. This means that the website has had it’s text, icons and any other content fully translated for users in another country.

Customers who have had this feature added to their CMS means that they can easily create alternative languages versions of the site quickly and efficiently.

Our system allows for full conversion of the site. This means there is not a single element that isn’t translated such as graphical elements.
Customer ReviewsThis great feature allows for website visitors to write comments, reviews and/or add a star rating to products or services. The level that this feature goes to varies depending on the customer requirements.

These can instantly be added to the site or on an approval basis. This means that the site owner or section moderator can either approve or reject the item. Upon rejection or approval a notification can be sent to the original contributor to alert them of the status of their post.

Customer Reviews are great for SEO too. When new items are posted to the page, the page is kept up to date, something that search engines give extra credit for.
Postcode Address SearchPostcode Address search allows customers of a website or e-commerce site to enter just their house number and postcode. The system then searches a database to list their address. This means they will not need to type their address in full. A result, the checkout process is quicker and drastically improves the customer experience of the site.

The Postcode address search uses the Royal Mail database to find the address. Royal Mail’s data is called a PAF file and they offer various payment plans to suit all styles of business.

The system can be integrated by either hosting the Royal Mail database locally or using an API to integrate with it on a live search basis.
PDF Generation/ManipulationThe feature allows the website or system to generate new PDF files and addition manipulate existing PDF templates. Some systems might need to generate reports from information in the database, while others convert text based content into PDF. Our systems can handle the needs of virtually any type of client and what they might need PDF manilulation for.

The PDF standard is highly popular so becomes the most sensible choice to share information with others. There are a number of readers out there and documents can also be read by tablets or smartphones.
Live Help Facility This facility allows owners of websites to communicate directly with current visitors. On the customer side, a small window appears at the corner of the screen with a message. Upon clicking the message, they can then speak directly with the owner. There are a number of great uses for this including helping e-commerce customers with the type of product they wish to buy or simply helping visitors to find the right area of the website.
Payment IntegrationPayment Integration is a type of 3rd party integration. Customers who enjoy a ecommerce website developed by us will require payment integration. When a website visitor places an order on an e-commerce site they will need to pay for that item online.

There are many different payment providers around including known brands such as PayPal or SagePay. Such providers offer a number of ways that they can be paired up to take payments. Our experience in ecommerce for almost 15 years means we have integrated a number of different platforms.
Google Maps IntegrationGoogle has for years now been offering a fantastic mapping service and in the last 18 months they have refreshed their integration platform. This means that any website can harness the power of Google Maps into their own website. The volume of uses is ever changing but any website can take advantage with the skillet AWD has.

Using the API, we have tailored maps to many of our sites including in search results and geographical matching. Colours, icons and website experience can be individually customised based on the website it is integrating with.
Online CalendarThe online calendar feature is more than just a calendar. It can be tailored to each individual customer with multiple different sub-features including live availability, nested availability by time of day, notes and many more.

Calendars can be either updated using the CMS or individually synced with other calendar platforms using 3rd party integration. This means that customers who already use calendars elsewhere can have their data updated in one place that then synchronized amoungst all platforms.

The look and feel of calendars are individually created to ensure they match design of the main website.
Loyalty Points SystemThe loyalty points system is a fantastic feature on e-commerce sites. Any ecommerce site absolutely loves repeat business. One of the best ways to do this is to offer loyalty points when customers buy products.

Loyalty points can be redeemed at a later date using the system to either offer a monetary value off their next purchase or discount coupons that use a percentages. The more they buy, the more they save next time around.

Each customer requirements for loyalty points varies and the beauty of a bespoke shop by AWD is that they can be individually tailored.
Social Media LoginOn any website that features user accounts, social media login can offer the ability for customers to enter their Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus details to login to their account. This negates the requirement for the user to remember every username and password for their various accounts around the web.

It can also make the signup process of any website easier too. To sign up, the website visitor simply enters the same details as they would when logging in and the system does the rest. Personal information is captured directly from the social media sites. Of course, the user has to authorise it first. However, it means the signup process is simple, efficient and painless.

Each social media site has a slightly different way of integrating to use this feature. However, we have vast array of experience in integrating all the main players including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and many more.
Drag and Drop System Our great bespoke Drag and Drop system allows for users to use their mouse to pick up and drop items into sections for easy management. Usability wise, using drag and drop is easy, intuitive and fun. It makes complex tasks quick and elegant.

There are many uses for Drag and Drop depending on the system or website. Drag and Drop can be great for a system where you have to organise students into classrooms for example. You simply click on the item you wish and drag it to the classroom you wish to assign.

Drag and Drop has full support on both computers and touch devices for ultimate compatibility.
Social Media Sharing Social Media site huge and exposure on the various platforms is a must in todays markets. A site with Social Media sharing means that items or pages can be shared with others on viewers Facebook walls, Twitter Feeds and many more.

Our custom built social media sharing modules mean that items can be easily shared or liked using a quick and easy system.
Advanced SearchAdvanced Search facilities are great on websites. Each Advanced Search is carefully crafted for each website to offer the right way of searching for their marketplace. What works on one site may not necessarily work on another.

Predictive searches will suggest options to the viewer as they type in the search box. On an ecommerce website for example, it could suggest categories or products that best match the criteria. Some viewers may not know the exact terminology of a product or category so suggesting results using alternative keywords helps them find exactly what they are looking for.

Checkboxes and drop down selections are used within Advanced Searches to aid the narrowing down of results. Using AJAX, a user does not necessarily have to go through the entire search process as it will live search as they click. Sometimes these can be the full results while others a number value saying how many matches there are.
Email NotificationsThe email notification feature is a fantastic way to keep users up to date on various events happening on a website. Notifications can be used to give live update as well as daily or weekly updates to users on the latest items to go live. Depending on the site this can range from latest news stories to file downloads and everything in between.

Notifications can be sent to newsletter subscribers as well as members. If a user has an account they also specify the type of notifications they wish to receive. For example, if a user likes reading blogs from a particular site but are not interested in press releases, they have the option to opt out at the click of a button.
eCommerceThis means that the site incorporates an online shop either as a primary or secondary section. Customers choose by browsing the product range from category lookups or searches and add their items to the basket. Once complete, they can then checkout their order by entering their full address and delivery preferences. Upon checkout they would then pay for their items using their credit or debit card using an online payment gateway such as SagePay or PayPal.

Depending on the nature of the site and client requirements, payment can be handled on an invoice basis.

For more detailed on everything eCommerce and online shops have to offer, please visit our eCommerce services.
Corporate Branding

Corporate branding covers the process of developing an identity, such as a businesses colour schemes, their logo and logo fonts and other branding materials, such as business cards, letterheads, leaflet, Microsoft Office templates, menus, flyers and pamphlet designs. At AWD, we provide market-led logo designs, web design, colour schemes and recommendations with font selections.

Whilst we can provide business card, flyer and menu/pamphlet designs, we principally work with online media, and often outsource print-based content to our various partners.

Bespoke Icons/ Infographics

Icons and info-graphics and graphical representations of bits of information, that act to give quick visual references to visitors, allowing visitors to a website to quickly be able to understand and take in information about a section of content without having to read through swathes of text.

We can’t say it enough - everything we do is bespoke and made in-house - even little things like icons and infographics. We don’t use any third-party icon packs, and we are proud of it. Whilst this may sound a trivial thing to boast about, we like to point out that - vast though the web is - not everything has an icon or infographic, and certainly not in the exact right style. By creating all of our icons and infographics in-house, we can ensure that - whatever your request - we can create the exact right graphic in the exact right style that you desire.