As web browsers are updated and technology changes it means that websites can sometimes appear differently on newer internet browsers. In web design, you can never use the latest technology on a website as you have to consider not everyone has kept on top of updating their software. Once the market share of usage has reached a certain level, you can then start to use that technology.

At AWD, we realise that not all visitors to our customers sites will have the latest up to date computers and/or software. If you use a technology and as some viewers have antiquated software, they will not be able to see it. The rule is that you should never use a technology without a fallback in place. This means that we can use the latest in websites but we have an alternative solution available for those less up to date.

We test our websites across a multiple different platforms and versions.

Microsoft has officially dropped support for IE8. However, we know that some marketplaces do still use the out of date browser. Therefore, for certain industries such as the public sector, AWD will test back to Internet Explorer 8.


Mobile and Tablet viewers combined now account for over 50% of website visits. There are many different brands of mobile device and each comes with years of different type or generation. That's why at AWD, we don't just test in different devices, we use an in depth testing platform to test on everything from Nokia to Apple. Whether it's an old Android based phone or the latest Apple iPad Air, we've got it covered.

The beauty of using AWD and our testing methodologies is that we also include usability as a key principle in our process. Every website is tailored to each device size to get the most out of the visitor and their browsing.