The Production Zone


The Production Zone provide an array of video production services from initial content conceptualisation to on-screen delivery.

Completion Date:
December 2016
Client Feedback:

"Advanced Web Designs are incredibly easy to work with. They are a knowledgeable, creative and very friendly team. "

I approached Advanced Web Designs when The Production Zone relocated to Hertfordshire. Our original website had served us well but was starting to look a little out of date and crucially was not mobile-friendly.

From our very first meeting with Richard and the team it was clear that we were in safe hands and we had found the perfect company to design and build our new website.

AWD were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process and since the handover and going live have always been there to answer any questions about the CMS and give helpful advice on matters such as SEO.

The site AWD created is fantastic and has received so much positive feedback from clients - it's clean, modern looking and easy to navigate. They also updated the company logo and did a great job.

Advanced Web Designs are incredibly easy to work with. They are a knowledgeable, creative and very friendly team.

I highly recommend AWD to anyone thinking of having a new website.

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The Brief

Leeds based video production company ‘The Production Zone’ contacted us having recently moved back to Hertfordshire from Yorkshire. Despite having built up an established video production business in Yorkshire, they understood that the move to Hertfordshire would essentially mean starting from scratch.

Whilst The Production Zone did have an existing website, being dated and not particularly targeting their primary markets…and certainly not targeting their new geographic area, they were fully aware of the necessity to have a more modern, targeted website.

As they were also going to need new business stationery they also took this opportunity to look at an update of their existing corporate identity.

It was important that the new website was designed to very specifically target the key markets they had successfully worked in whilst being based in Yorkshire and that potential customers in these target markets could quickly and easily find relevant examples of previous videos they have produced.


The initial phase of this project saw us concentrating on the modernisation of their existing corporate identity. We weren’t required to totally rebrand the business, just to bring it up to date in order to remain in keeping with the modern professional website we were designing. This was achieved by changing the font style and corporate colours of the business's corporate identity whilst not straying too far from the identity of their previously established Yorkshire-based business.

In the design phase of the website we focused on promoting the business to the key market sectors The Production Zone had a successfully targeted in their established Yorkshire business. We created a sliding carousel where each image was specifically chosen to represent each of the key target markets. We also provided additional quick links from the homepage to individual information pages designed to uniquely target each of the key markets.

Via their Content Management System (CMS) The Production Zone are able to add a portfolio of videos they have produced with the ability to assign each to one or more portfolio video gallery set up for each of the individual key target markets.

The blog system we developed worked in much the same way giving The Production Zone the ability to assign a blog to one or more of its key market sectors based on its relevance to that target market.

The Production Zone were delighted with the outcome of the website and regularly contact us to let us know they receive great feedback on the website.

The tools we used

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