Season Selector


Season Selector is an online and unique fantasy betting game that offers players prizes based on their football predictions.

Completion Date:
July 2013
Client Feedback:

"Richard and Gareth have developed a really great, easy to use online system"

Richard and Gareth have developed a really great, easy to use online system which allows people playing Season Selector to quickly make their predictions by simply dragging and dropping each of the Premiership teams into the players predicted finishing position.

Most importantly for me, the system also works out all of the points (which used to take me ages) and displays the immediately.

Players can also interact with the website by making comments on the ‘Topic of the Week’, which in previous years has led to some really good banter, particularly amongst the supporters of opposing teams!

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The Brief

Our customer had been running the ‘Season Selector’ game amongst his friends and family for a few years, but as the game grew in popularity so did the time required to work out some of the more complex ‘Bonus’ calculations.

It soon became obvious that the previously used spreadsheet was no longer a realistic way to manage the game and an intuitive website which could carry out the calculations automatically was required.

They approached us to create an online version that could offer everything the local spreadsheet system had but incorporate it into a friendly and easy to manage website.

How We Responded

The website features a ‘drag and drop’ facility where signed up players can easily move teams into a league table to give their prediction of how they believe the league will finish at the end of the season. From their finalised league, the system then cross references the current Barclays Premiership league and issues points and bonus points accordingly after every Premiership game throughout the season, allowing players to see exactly where they stand at any one time.

There is also a ‘Topic of the Week’ area that allows signed up players to add their comments to that week’s talking point.

Social Login using Facebook means that members can create an account or login to their existing account at the touch of a button. Details of the user is obtained directly from their Facebook account once they have accepted the permissions.

Members can also create a four player team to compete in the team league. This extends the level of fun offered by the game and also increases the chance of winning a prize. A member can become a team leader by creating a team and then inviting their friends. The member provide a team password to protect entry. When a member wants to join a team, they select the team from the list and are then prompted to enter the password.

Season Selector was a very fun project to work on and all of the AWD team are signed up to the league as well as having a team entry. Check out how we are doing on the site today.

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