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Hertford has three youth football clubs, but the largest is the Hertford Town Youth Football Club. With numerous teams across age groups starting at under 7’s and going up to over 21’s, the club caters for children and young adults of all levels. Due to their association with Hertford Town FC, players can even end up playing at a semi-professional level.

Completion Date:
August 2012
Client Feedback:

"They showed genuine enthusiasm for the project and recommended many features that we hadn't considered but have made the finished website a highly interactive and informati..."

Richard and his team were a real pleasure to work with throughout every stage of the project. They showed genuine enthusiasm for the project and recommended many features that we hadn't considered but have made the finished website a highly interactive and informative resource for the club, the team managers and parents of all the players.

As the Club is run on a shoestring and relies almost wholly on volunteers, from individual team coaches and managers right up to the Chairman, Richard and his team designed, developed and are hosting the our website free of charge, a very generous and unexpected offer but ultimately one that demonstrates the ethos and charitable spirit of the company.

Despite this we have still been given the service I would expect to receive as a paying customer and Richard even gave up a Sunday evening to present the new site to the all of the managers and carry out a training session on the very easy to use Content Management System.

Clearly I would highly recommend Advanced Web Designs on a number of levels including their professionalism, expertise, willingness and ability to understand or requirements, the technical advice provided and the numerous extra miles they went to ensure the site covered every eventuality.

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The Brief

It's always nice to be involved with local businesses, clubs and associations, and so it was a pleasure when we were approached by the Chairman of Hertford Town Youth FC with regard to developing a website for them.

There were a few facets to the requirements of this website;

Firstly the site needed to be appealing to potential players and their families in order to encourage them to join the club, and had to be something that could also assist the Chairman with various fund raising events and be attractive to potential sponsors.

The website also needed to provide information about the club and its goals to the wider local population to create a community feel, and it was important to promote the close links the club has with the Hertford Town football club.

The main use however needed to be as a communication tool for all the individual team managers players, players and parents across all of the age groups. Within a private area of the website managers needed the ability to display their contact details, provide information to parents about upcoming matches and training sessions, write match reports and upload photo galleries.

How We Responded

Firstly we can up with a unique design to set the club aside from those using one of the many template sites available to youth football clubs.

We created the ability for the main administrator of the website to set up categories of age groups to which multiple teams could then be added. Each team manager was then provided with a unique login to their team's page. Within the team page managers are able to add various information on the players within the team, and set up individual login detailsaccessed by unique usernames and passwords for each player or their parents.

Via this system the managers can then communicate information such as game and training times, to all players/parents at the click of a button.

The system also allows the administrator of the website to communicate with the managers and/or the players/parents of individual teams, a year full group, or the everyone involved in the club.

The public side of the website provides general information about the club and its activities, allows viewers to see basic information about each team, and of course has a joining form for any budding Lionel Messi's wishing to join a team.

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