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Matrix Cycles sell exceptional quality bicycles in the UK and Ireland. The quality of the frames, wheels and various components are second to none.

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Completion Date:
October 2014
Client Feedback:

"Their initial design concepts proved to me that they fully understood both our brand and our target audience"

Advanced Web Designs were recommended to me by my brother-in-law who has used the company to design and develop his own company’s websites over the last 12 years.

Despite them admitting to having no prior knowledge of the industry, they took time to familiarise themselves with my business and the bicycle market in which we operate.

Following our initial discussions they presented a professional and detailed proposal to us whilst displaying the confident and friendly personalities I look for in all of my business relationships. I was also pleased that they took the time to explain to me ‘in layman’s terms’ the technical jargon associated with such projects.

Their initial design concepts proved to me that they fully understood both our brand and our target audience, in fact only a few very minor tweaks were made.

During the development of what was initially a standard ‘e-commerce’ website, I asked AWD to quote me for an additional bike builder system. Like the initial quote, the price was exceptional competitive and despite the tight deadlines I was demanding, by altering their programme of work around they also managed to develop the system in time to go live for the London Bike Show where I was exhibiting.

The bike builder system in particular threw up a lot of technical scenarios which I hadn’t considered, many of which were actually bought to may attention by the guys at AWD, who impressively also provided me with possible solutions to the problems.

Their technical expertise, understanding of what needed to be achieved, attention to detail, competitive price, design skills and most importantly, their patience, are just some of the many reasons I have already recommend them to a business associate and would be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional web developer.

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The Brief

Matrix Cycles wanted a bespoke and fresh ecommerce website to make the buying process of a bike or parts an exceptionally easy process. The design needed to be clean and showcase the premium level of their products.

Multiple levels of purchase options were also a request by Matrix Cycles. Due to the nature of the products and the range of options, multiple levels of product variations also needed to be selectable with ease.

The site would need to integrate with WorldPay as Matrix had already been using their parent company for their offline transactions

The final specification request was to create an easy to use method for the buyer to customise their very own bike.

How We Responded

The design of Matrix Cycles was created with the enthusiast cyclist in mind. Whilst the design was created in late 2011, we feel the design still holds up extremely well today.

Buying products is simple process by navigating to the product via either the product search facility or using the category option. At the product stage, the customer is given a full rundown of the product itself along with various buying options. Each product has a number of varied selections available including size, trim size, colour and many more.

We integrated the site with WorldPay as the the choice of payment solution. In addition, PayPal can also be selected by the customer at the checkout stage.

One of the features we were really proud of with Matrix (especially in 2011) was the bike builder. Fulfilling the request to customise your own bike build, it allows for users to create their own bike specification from scratch.

The first stage of the bike builder is to choose the type they wish to build (Road or Mountain Bike) and from there they are then presented with options. The stages include Frame, Forks, Group Setsa, Wheels and Finishing Sets. Each stage incorporates different options including size and colour and includes pricing options for each.

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