Using AJAX programming in our websites

By Gareth
25th November 2012 at 13:17

For over a year now we have made the decision to push forward our AJAX development on all new websites. So what is AJAX and how can it help website functionality and usability? AJAX is the name given to a method of development that allows information on a page to be dynamic without the need to refresh the page.

For example: imagine you are filling out a form on a website, be it a an enquiry form or an order form. Without AJAX, on submission the entire page would need to disappear for a brief moment while it is submitted. This presents a massive problem with usability as it can distract the user and often loses their place on the page.

2nd AJAX Example

In the AJAX version, coupled with some smart jQuery animations the area of the form can change or animate while the submission takes place. It makes way for a responsive and pleasing website and offers great usability.

It doesn’t stop there though. AJAX is great for e-commerce sites. In a normal e-commerce site the user would add an item to the basket, the page would then have to be directed to the basket. This doesn’t really lend itself to ensure maximum sales and can annoy the user as they have to click back to their last place. AJAX allows you to add to a basket easily and combine that process with a nice animation. The user can then make the decision to go to the basket or carry on shopping.

AJAX Example

We have used AJAX in a number of websites now and it really is taking our developments to another level. The best examples of AJAX are our amazing bike builder system on Matrix Cycles or the fantastic booking system developed for Atmosphere Bars and Clubs brand Chicago’s.

Our new Content Management System (CMS) Konnex launches in the new year and makes use of AJAX throughout.

By using this great technology it means AWD’s websites are powerful and effective in achieving exactly what your website set out to do. Everything from getting in more enquiries right through to driving sales on e-commerce, this technology is the key.

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