Update on Konnex CMS

By Gareth
4th February 2014 at 07:10

As some of you may know, we’ve been hard at work on our new CMS platform Konnex for quite some time. The Konnex Content Management System is going to be the ultimate CMS system that caters for virtually any type of website.

It’s being built from the ground up using the latest HTML5 technology and offers a wide variety of features including drag and drop and version fall-back. Each feature has been carefully crafted for ultimate usability and user experience. The intuitive UI makes updating your website or e-commerce site an extremely easy process.

Originally due to launch last year, Konnex has now been pushed back to 2014. We’ve been very busy with customer websites which has always taken a priority. We have also wanted to ensure that Konnex is rolled out with an exciting array of features and each one works perfectly for the customer. We are constantly throwing in new ideas and improving the work we have completed on the project.

As well as having fancy new features, we also are keen to ensure compatibility for customers with older browser technology. Each feature has a full native support up-to IE7. We realise that some customers especially education or council IT systems are not quite as up-to date and therefore we need to support IE7.

We aim to provide a final breakdown of each feature of the Konnex project in April as well as firm date for release.

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