The launch of retina displays push website resolution

By Gareth
4th July 2012 at 16:49

Apple is making big progress in the technology arena. The launch of the new iPad meant that screen resolutions were pushed and yet still managed to display websites well through the form of scaling.

Now with the launch of the new line of MacBook Pro, Apple is sporting resolutions of 2880x1800. Obviously this level of resolution means websites will look very small on the screen itself. Fortunately, Apple is putting scaling into iOS meaning no tiny websites just yet. However, the big question is that are these displays going to become standard? The short answer is yes, but there is long road ahead.

The standard has been pushed by the US giant and no doubt other manufactures will follow in the years to come.

At AWD, we love new technology and putting into our websites from Content Managed to e-commerce platforms. Screen resolution presents a big problem as is one element that backwards compatibility is hard achieved. Fluid layout might partially be the solution. However, there are a number of aspects to consider from graphics to and layout even with fluid pages.

Website design has so many technical considerations in the last couple years than it ever did. Website developers need to ensure all new sites are up to date with the very latest standards while ensuring maximum compatibility for the slightly older browsers.

The future is bright for websites with high resolution and graphics. Super fast broadband is now making its way into homes and businesses across the UK and the world meaning download speed isn't a problem for when that resolution increase happens.

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