The future is Konnex - The powerful CMS from AWD

By Gareth
10th September 2012 at 21:12

Today AWD revealed the brand name for our latest and greatest CMS system. For the past 13 years, we have been at the very lead of the web industry in our county. With the development of bespoke systems our skillset means we can create any type of site and use the latest features on the market today.

The full launch of Konnex in 2013 means we will be able to product fast, easy to use websites quicker than ever before and pass those cost savings onto our customers. Konnex, while a brand, is a CMS that like all our past work, will be tailored for each and every customer.

The CMS is a leading platform packed with features that no other system can rival. For the first time, the use of HTML5 drag and drop provides a slick and highly usable interface. Konnex has been built from the ground up using up to date development standards and each feature has been carefully crafted for maximum usability.

The very first site to take advantage of the Konnex interface is the website Cannon Travel launching late 2012/early 2013. Cannon offer a wide variety of services from luxury holidays, theatre trips and weekend’s away. Using the KonnexTravel, customers will be able to make bookings online easily and efficiently. The backend management facility allows for superior management of bookings and the ability to make changes.

All new shop websites will also be able to take advantage of the new CMS. KonnexShop is our e-commerce platform which is uniquely constructed for every customer. Everything with the system is easily exportable into numerous different formats and takes care of every online shop’s need. Multiple payment methods are available from PayPal to SagePay as well as external invoicing and account based transactions.

The new CMS is so powerful, we are keen to start rolling out to customers in Hertfordshire and London as well as nearby counties.

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