Second Quarter plans for 2012

By Gareth
1st April 2012 at 12:19

It has been a busy few month here in our offices at AWD with a number of new websites launched. The second quarter of 2012 shows no sign of stopping with many other sites coming online very shortly. We will also be starting a very “hush, hush” project next week.

We are currently interviewing for another developer here so we will look forward to welcoming a new staff member to the team shortly. They will be working on their own projects as well as assisting the rest of the team with the work and supporting our customer base. We’ve just taken the second floor of our building so we now occupy and first and second floor. This leaves us plenty of room for further expansion.

AWD now have over eight websites using our new CMS version 3 platform which allows for better control for the customer and a more advanced building process for us. A number of new improvements are planned throughout the version 3 life-cycle including AJAX image uploading for placement anywhere within website content as well as advanced cropping of images. Our CMS is so easy to use and our customers are always saying just how amazed they are with it. Later in 2012 we will be giving our CMS a graphical overhaul but will be conscious that our simple design is one of the key aspects of how easy our CMS is to use.

We are now starting to make use of HTML5 functionality in our sites. All our latest projects have been built from the ground up to support HTML5. As the market share increase of the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox and IE9, we will start to push the more advanced HTML5 functionality. HTML5 really is the true replacement for Flash, but at this current time simply does not have enough people using it to put the features into our websites.

At AWD, we like to keep on top of the latest developments in the web design industry and we will always push for the best solution for our customers. We are proud to have a customer base that is not only extremely happy with our service but recommends us to their friends, colleagues and business contacts. Time and time again we get recommendations, we have been proud of this fact and as any of our customers will tell you, we provide an excellent web design customer service.

2012 is already proving itself as an exciting time with great new projects, technical leaps with HTML5 and improvements to our amazing CMS solution.

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