Maximising talents for the industry

By Gareth
12th October 2012 at 13:35

When we started in 1999, the industry was very different. Websites were static and lacked the ability to make changes unless you were knew HTML code. It was a time when there were packages that could help you along the way, but they were difficult to use and fairly limited. It was a day when Microsoft FrontPage was a good competitor to Macromedia Dreamweaver but was starting to be left behind.

From our incorporation we hand coded HTML to make at the time great looking websites. 13 years on and AWD are still at the top of their game with fresh designs and a great team of developers who can cater for any type of website. We have not only captured a vast array of the market but we are continually reviving ourselves. While we still come under the web designer hat, we are really more developers that create a wide range of projects from small brochure style websites right up to e-commerce and highly content managed sites.

Not many people know that we are also extremely proficient in creating online booking systems for a wide range of customers. The latest is the amazing online management system for Orchards Cookery. It allows the staff to easily book students onto courses and everything that goes with it including invoicing and management of kitchens and accommodation. The system will be the building blocks for our new Konnex Booking system.

By the end of 2013, the launch of KonnexCMS along with KonnexShop and KonnexProperty will pave the way for our team as we look to grow our customer base and staff.

One aspect of our business that has always proved to be fantastic has been our service and our aim to offer a wide variety of these services to every industry from small business right up to large corporates. We can cater for their websites as well as their online booking systems and bring them together as one. Such systems can drastically cut down the admin time that it takes to run systems separately.

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