iPad 3 just around the corner

By Gareth
18th November 2011 at 12:32

Apple’s much loved tablet the iPad could be getting its next revision in the first part of 2012 if reports are correct. It has been said that 3 million retina displays have been ordered by Apple by their Chinese manufacturer.

Imagine iPhone 4 display sharpness in a full tablet device. Website developers that cater for higher resolutions as a priority would almost certainly be pleased. The market is becoming more and more varied when it comes to screen resolutions for web design.

Now with HTML5 becoming more and more popular, there is no more worry for the lack of Flash support in Apple devices.

While, no other specifications have come to fruition as of yet, the next big update will almost certainly cause a major storm in the tablet market. Expect more resolution, more power and even more popularity. Is your business and website ready for the next round of the tablets?

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