Exciting web technology down the road

By Gareth
1st February 2012 at 22:16

We as a company are always keeping an eye out for the latest technology be it for our websites or hardware that helps us develop better. It is going to be an exciting year ahead with some of the most innovative changes coming into play.

A number of great technology announcements are coming in the next few months including the amazing new iPad 3. Early speculation has suggested a late February announcement with a March launch. The new iPad has been talked about on virtually every technology website around and now looks closer to reality. AWD are extremely excited by the iPad 3 as all of our staff are keen to get their hands on one to aid their web design work. The iPad 3 set to have the brand new A6 chip from Apple and support the much talked (although hyped) 4G data network platform.

We will also see the release of the iPhone 5 later in 2012. Many were hoping for this last time around but rumours were that the late Steve Jobs was not happy with the iPhone 5, thus the release of the iPhone 4s.

HTML5 Web Design

As discussed in our last news article, as web designers, AWD are always looking for ways to improve our websites not only for our customers but for our own satisfaction. HTML5 will fully allow our dreams come to reality. It doesn’t just stop with our websites. HTML5 is just months away from being incorporated into our next CMS release. Ease of use has always been a number one priority for Advanced Web Designs and our CMS pushes this with every version. We are constantly getting commended on just how easy our CMS is to use.

Most customers often feel daunted by the prospect of using a CMS to upload their own information or products to their e-commerce shop. Many even book in a number of hours to go through their training session. The reality is that most leave within half an hour with the full confidence to populate their entire site. One of our primary goals when creating our CMS is to tailor it to each customer. That way there are no bloated features which as a result it makes for a powerful, flexible and most importantly, a user friendly interface.

SEO Packages

Advanced Web Designs are proud to put forward some excellent Search Engine Optimisation packages for our customers and new customers. In the past few months we have developed an exciting portfolio for SEO. We will put putting this forward on our site soon to show just what sort of results we can get for our customers.

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