Daily internet use has doubled in just four years!

By Gareth
14th October 2010 at 17:33

A recent Survey carried out by the ‘Office for National Statistics’ showed that in 2010, 30.1 million adults in the UK (60 per cent) accessed the Internet every day or almost every day. This is nearly double the estimate in 2006 of 16.5 million.

There were 38.3 million adults who considered themselves to be regular internet users and the number of adults who bought or ordered goods or services online within the last 12 months reached 31 million!

These Internet shoppers represented 62 per cent of all adults in the UK. The most popular products bought online were clothes and sporting goods, with 52 per cent of Internet shoppers buying these products.

There now are 19.2 million households with an Internet connection, representing 73 per cent of UK households. The region with the highest level of access was London with 83 per cent.

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