AWD move forward with a great HTML5 solution

By Gareth
26th October 2011 at 09:28

We have been eager to use HTML5 ever since the white paper was revealed a couple years ago. Some great restrictions have been lifted in the past year of what power a web designer has to create the design they want. Now with our new technical wizardry we have come up with a solution: HTML5 for browsers that support it and HTML4 for browsers that don't. Using a new browser will show some great features on our websites and if the user has not upgraded they will see a cut down alternative. In some cases we have even been able to work in alternate technologies to keep the high end functionality.

Due to the way our detection algorithm works, there is little work required to make it possible per website. As a result, website development time (and consequently not increasing cost) does not increase.

Look out for this great addition to our technical portfolio in our websites soon.

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