AWD begin work on CMS version 4

By Gareth
1st June 2012 at 17:50

Advanced Web Designs (AWD) have been exceptionally busy the past few months on a number of new projects as well as looking after existing customers with new website features and systems. Our existing Content Management System (CMS) version 3 is proving to be very successful for not only our customers but our development time too.

We have made commitment to drive forward our CMS system even further and put into place groundbreaking features that will not only excel our own development standards but put into place new standards in the entire CMS world. Each aspect of the CMS from the login page to the updating of content will be individually visualised and brainstormed by AWD and run past our customer base for comments.

In the development side with our new team members, AWD are completely redeveloping every element of code in the system to achieve the latest standards and further future proof the code and maximise compatibility. Each area of the system will further improve on our existing usability. CMS4 will make use of brand new technology including HTML5 for ultimate flexibility.

In addition to an overhaul to the entire CMS system, CMS4 will offer:

  • Full smart phone support for updating your website
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Full Audit trail of all users.
  • Easy to use batch uploading of photos
  • Direct integration with Google Analytics and Site map submission
  • Social Media integration and statistics (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Linked-In)
  • Preview and Staging system
  • Easy to update website forms
  • An overhauled Email Campaign System
  • Data Archiving & Rollback Facility
  • Full Export of all data into CSV
  • Data uploads in CSV
  • E-Commerce Sales Reports
  • HTML5 drivenphoto manipulation and cropping
  • Wordpress style blog
Keep an eye on our news and blog for advanced previews and look out for the full CMS4 launch later in 2012.

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