An exciting summer ahead for AWD

By Gareth
6th May 2013 at 11:12

The past year has been a pretty hectic time for Advanced Web Designs Ltd. As well as working on websites for new and existing customers, we have been working on a number of other projects. This summer we can finally launch them ensuring our continued support and remaining at the forefront of our industry.


AWD are hard at work on our brand new Content Management System (CMS) branded ‘Konnex’.

Originally due for launch early 2013, it became apparent that we had something really special with ‘Konnex’. As a result, the development cycle of Konnex was extended for some ideas we were brainstorming for incorporation into the first release. This would not only benefit our customers but further aid the potential of ‘Konnex’ becoming an industry used Content Management System (CMS).

A key new feature AWD have been working on is the fantastic ‘LiveEdit’ mode allowing for total control of any website in the design view. The system has taken some work but we are positive it represents one of the most powerful additions to an already great CMS.

More Focus on Social Media

While websites will always be our key focus, we have also been working on a number of Facebook applications in recent months. The power of social media is vast and AWD are ensuring our customers stay ahead of their game. Imagine capturing new audiences by incorporating social media applications into your business.

Bespoke Systems

As a web development company, we have a first class skill-set to develop Intuitive bespoke systems for any type of customer. The launch of the management system for our customer Orchards Cookery has proven this as their new system has drastically cut their administration workload whilst making managing their business much clearer.

We have also recently handed over another bespoke time management and logging system for a high profile client. Due to our experience and skills, we offer such systems at extremely competitive pricing and the feedback we have received has been outstanding.

New Website

For a long time now we have been planning the new AWD website. Whilst we still get great comments about our current website, we are more than aware it is somewhat dated, but we do want the new website to be right and present exactly what we can do. Part of the reason for the delay in launching our new website is that we will always prioritise our customers work over our own and, as usual we have been kept extremely busy over the last few months.

After an intensive volume of planning, brainstorming and visualising, we now feel we have a design that presents our level of quality but also maintains the information that our current site is often praised for. Having a fantastic site that presents to new and existing customers the high level we can achieve was the primary focus.

This summer brings the launch of the new AWD website so look out for it and prepare to be excited.

Staff & Increased Service

2012 and 2013 saw the welcoming of new staff. We have taken on an Account Manager for increased customer service and a new Web Developer for faster production of websites. The past year has been exciting and now we can realise our dreams even quicker.

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