A mad Winter at AWD and great things for Summer

By Richard
11th May 2014 at 17:53

We were planning to launch our new website a couple a months ago. However, as usual for us, the start of the year brings in a mountain of new work as well as new projects for existing customers. Customers are our number one priority so any internal projects often get put on hold.

The great news is that we have employed two new staff to manage the demand for our services. Antony and Ben have joined the AWD team in the last couple of weeks.

We have some great projects to tell you about that we have been working on. Since late last year, all new AWD web design projects have been built responsive. For those who don't know, responsive websites mean not only does the website fit the size of the screen (and doesn't need any zoom on mobiles) it is rearranged perfectly for every device you are using the website on, be it mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops. No matter what device you're using the usability is tailored for the user.

So firstly, let's talk about some of those responsive projects. The biggest launch for us has to be the new Mainline Baits website. Mainline are the leading bait manufacturer in the fishing industry and are a very well-known brand. The site is now in its 5th iteration and all with AWD. It just shows the quality we offer our customers for them to come back time and time again. Visit the mainline-baits website at www.mainline-baits.com

Sam MacLeod is a Formula 3 racing driver who came to us for a website that could showcase his career, talk about his races and offer galleries and videos.

We deal with very local businesses too including www.jclarkfitness.co.uk. Julia Clark is a fitness instructor whom we developed her site to showcase her personal training and professional sports massage services in Hertford and surrounding towns.

As well as Julia Clark, we have also just launched the brand new Sloppy’s website for Hertford. Sloppy’s is a bar and diner based in Hertford town offering great American food and sports. Check it out at www.sloppys.co.uk

Back in March, we launched the realestateworldwide.co.uk website. This fantastic responsive website offers multiple languages using our very own CMS (Content Management System). Adding other languages including the special characters from Chinese and Russian is easy with our CMS. The process is seamless and highly effective.

On the e-commerce side, Fun-Kee Music launched early April and is the first e-commerce site we have launched that is fully responsive. This ensures that no matter what device website visitors are on, they can place orders with ultimate usability.

As well as our responsive websites, as you may not know, we are also developing a number of web developed systems for customers. Everything from Ticket Bookings to Management platforms. We have recently developed an upgrade to Guarding UK’s data logging platform. As development is a large part of our business, our new website will showcase those projects directly.

Summer 2014

Looking ahead, we have a number of fantastic projects we are working on. However, we can’t really talk about them just yet. Aside from our secret new projects, we will finally be unveiling our new CMS this summer. The platform has been built on slowly over time ensuring it is perfect for our customers and has passed an in-depth list of quality assurance tests.

Finally, our new website will launch over the summer period. It has now been fully designed, coded and we are in the process of writing content. We can’t wait to showcase it to you.

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