2012 is the year of new technology for AWD

By Gareth
27th January 2012 at 00:04

This year web technology will take a huge leap forward with the introduction of HTML5 in websites as well as the continual use of jQuery technology throughout our portfolio. Every new site we develop is now built in the latest standards making us the leading web designers in the industry. As you will see from new sites to be included in our portfolio, we have diverse technical experience and captivating design that maximise the full potential of any new website.

In the past few months we have been working hard on a number of improvements to our technical knowledge and features as business. In the coming months customers will be able to make use of these in their websites.

Major Upgrade to our CMS

Our Advanced Web Designs Content Management System over the years has always had a number of great improvements added to it. New and existing customers are always impressed with the sheer ease of use our CMS offers. In late 2011, we began work on rebuilding these elements from scratch to allow for more robust coding. The work has finally paid off and we are now ready to put them to use. Never has AWD’s CMS been so flexible and as a result powerful. New enhancements include customer selectable image cropping, adaptable XML integration and drag and drop functionality.

jQuery News Tickers

Flash is a thing of the past and as a company AWD could never be happier. The sluggish platform has been a major drawback of sites and later on mobile platforms such as the iPad. Thanks to Apple, who is pushing Flash away, we can finally say goodbye to the dying technology.

In 2011, AWD built up a vast array of custom news ticker systems. We have adapted them to suit our diverse project base. This was an important step as we feel no website design is the same and customers preferences can vary.

Non Limiting Design Ideas

Only a year ago, designing sites with transparency was a major problem due to the install base of Internet Explorer 6. The aging browser has been on the market for a number of years. IE6 would never display transparent images which meant as designers we were restricted. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our recent news articles you will see we reported on the final demise of IE6 in later 2011. As a result, our designs are unrestricted meaning we can now offer some excellent and captivating design ideas. We’ve already launched some websites that make use of this and there are many more to come in our portfolio.

We’re only a month into the year and we’re very much looking forward to bringing the best the web has to offer for our local and national customers.

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