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Statistics & Analytics

Website Statistics provide numerical data about the traffic a website receives. By tracking a visitor’s journey through a website, Analytics enable site owners to gather far more detailed and informative information about their visitors.

Getting the information

We provide our customers with access to AWStats, our raw data statistics package which will provide basic website visitor information. We do however recommend customers set up a Google Analytics account allowing them to track website visitor information in far more detail.

For companies needing to quantify the value of their website or a particular marketing campaign, statistics and analytics can be an extremely helpful resource in assisting with that process.

Using the Information

There is now a considerable amount of information available which allows businesses to not only see the results of traffic to their website, but due to the information available, can also assist with future business planning by highlighting trends.

As well as tracking direct visitors to the website, you will also see how other visitors found your site including referring websites, search engines and social networks.

It is therefore far easier to monitor the results of any marketing carried out on external websites, and by creating simple dedicated landing pages, can also show the results of any offline advertising such as magazines or billboards.

It is important however to understand that statistics should be carefully considered, and not just accepted as being black and white. For example; if a page isn't recording may visits, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is no interest, it could simply mean that navigation to that page isn't obvious enough.

Using Google Analytics, it is also possible to track the flow of visitors through the site, determine how long they stay on any specific page of the site and even the point they exited the site. More personal information such as geographic locations, age and sex of visitors is also available, giving website owners a better insight into their target market and demographic of visitors to the site.

As website designers, analytical data is also critical to both the design and development stages of the website, as it also provides important information such as browser usage and the devices visitors are using to access the website, which can then be used to influence the layout of a website.