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Fusion Travel Systems are an online web service for Travel Agents to manage coach and theatre trips. With a wide variety of customisable features, it is a function heavy system tailored individually to each of it’s customers.

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Completion Date:
January 2015
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The Brief

The Fusion Travel owners were already a customer of us under a different company for which we developed a bespoke ticket system back in 2008. The new Fusion Travel system was to be a major overhaul and revamp of the old version to a fully customisable platform that could be tailored individually by business login.

The system needed to be fully responsive and allow business owners to manage their own travel agent trip bookings from mobiles and tablets in addition to the standard desktop interface.

How We Responded

Developing the responsive system was an easy task as we had been designing responsive websites for well over a year already. We created a branding for Fusion Travel that was simple yet distinctive.

The Fusion Travel system was developed in mind that different travel agents would have varied requirements. That’s why the system is scalable and customisable on a business by business basis.

The main website of Fusion offers brief information on the system including FAQs and a run down off all the features. The travel agent can sign up for access using the new account page. Payment plans are available on a monthly basis which allow varied access levels or customisation. Using the system, a business owner can create other sub users to to the main account allowing them access.

Customisation is achievable on a trip by trip basis. For hotel based breaks there is the ability to add room types and allocations. We also developed a fully tailored seat management system for Fusion. It allows any level of transportation to be created and managed. Transportation can used for anything from coaches to boats with each type of seat layout.

The seat management system allowed for a full drag and drop functionality. With coach trips specifically, different pickup points can be set on the booking.

This fantastic bespoke development was built with usability as a priority. We've not only created a highly scalable system, but one that works so well.

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