Fast Loan UK


Fast Loan UK is a loan company based in Hertfordshire. As well as a website, the CRM is a powerful and completely bespoke system developed by AWD.

Completion Date:
July 2014
Welwyn Garden City
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The Brief

The customer wanted a completely tailored system that met their specific way of working. The requirements were an impossibility on any off the shelf system. The local Hertfordshire based company came to us to develop a system to work exactly how they wanted.

Previously, Fast Loan UK was working with their internal accounts system using Microsoft Excel. This system had two major disadvantages: The customer was tied to a single point of access from one location. They were also limited in the fact that in order to keep their records up to date, there was a vast amount of administration work required across multiple spreadsheets.

The customer's main requirement was us to develop a completely bespoke and unique system that would tie all their accounts spreadsheets together and make administration an easy task. The system would have to be accessible from any location with access possible from different users.

How We Responded

The system was developed from scratch using PHP and MySQL using heavy use of jQuery, AJAX and JSON for a highly powerful platform.

We've created multiple online screens each integrates directly into one central system for ultimate management. As specified by the client, each screen should also act as an online spreadsheet to manage data. This represents a challenge in itself as with web development you're limited by memory and browser efficiency. Some browse platforms are more challenging than others as each works differently and has varying levels of memory handling. We spent a large amount of time optimising the system for speed to make it fully flexible while remaining stable and at the same time keeping a high level of usability.

As well as the above screens there are various other areas such as customer login areas where the customer can digitally sign their loans and payment agreements.

The Fast Loan UK project was a complex and challenging system to develop. What we've achieved has not been done before and the end result is a revolutionary web development milestone.

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