Ginge London is an up and coming, independent and unique high end streetwear brand. They are currently selling headwear and clothing items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. Due to the success of the brand, Ginge London has expanded into accessory items such as bum bags.

Online Shop
Completion Date:
August 2014

The Brief

The design of the e-commerce website needed to appeal to a young urban audience whilst promoting the detail of the brand and their unique selling points.

The site needed to promote the products in an effective way and wake it easy for customers to place orders from a range of devices.

Discount coupon codes were a requirement as Ginge wanted to offer new product promotions.

How We Responded

Due in part to the target demographic Ginge London products are aimed at, it was very important to ensure that the website offered optimal viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones therefore a tailored design for each was considered in every level.

With the use of HTML5, a fantastic video plays on the desktop and wi-fi tablet versions of the site on first viewing. Due to considerations of the file size of the page, we opted to replace the video with a static image on the mobile version.

The incorporates media such as photo galleries and videos around the to further captivate the target audience.

In 2014, we added a fantastic “Build Your Own” facility which allows you to customise your own Ginge London product in stages. It’s easy and very effective in customers making their purchase. The front end selection was built in jQuery and a incorporated some good UX and to make the process of customising a product flawless.

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