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Mainline are the world’s largest dedicated carp bait manufacturer. This current website is the fifth redesign we’ve done for the company since their first website we built for them back in 2000. The company now supply carp bait all around the world and as the company has grown, so has their website.

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Completion Date:
May 2014
Client Feedback:

"They have also managed to get us to (and keep us at) number one on Google under some very genetic key words and terms used within our industry."

We have used Advanced Web Designs since 1999 and during this period have forged an excellent relationship with them. During the initial meetings they took the time to understand our business and who our target audience is, in order to design and develop a website that not only reflected what we are about but also that appealed to our large customer base.

As we have grown over the years AWD have re-developed the site for us on a number of occasions, each time getting larger and more diverse whilst at the same time somehow keeping the navigation around the site very simple.

They have also managed to get us to (and keep us at) number one on Google under some very genetic key words and terms used within our industry.

I have always found them easy to contact and they deal with our many regular websites updates quickly and efficiently.

Their ability to keep up-to-date with technology has meant that we have always benefited form having a modern websites and this fact together with their very competitive pricing has once again secured them the job of a big revamp to our website in 2009.

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The Brief

As a company whose target market is anglers, the main objective for the latest redesign was for it to be 'responsive'. Over the previous twelve months, statistics from their existing website showed a huge increase in the amount of visitors accessing the site via mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones. This is because more and more anglers will now access the internet whilst out fishing through mobile devices.

A responsive website ensures optimal viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones across the three main platforms Windows, IOS and Android used by most mobile devices, standalone PC's and laptops.

As the business had also expanded across the world, another necessary requirement was the ability to be able to create pages with translations in various different languages.

Finally, having designed, developed and maintained all of Mainline's previous websites, it was also important to keep all of the historical data for inclusion in the new website.

How We Responded

Due to the modern methods of responsive website construction, this redesign of the Mainline Baits website was built totally from scratch.

We initially looked at simplifying the man navigation menu, which over the years had expanded to a long and confusing number of options. This process enabled us to compartmentalise all of the new and existing features of the existing website.

The design on the website itself was also totally rethought and became far more image lead than its predecessors. In priority order, the main home page contains information and links to the main areas of the website, including video gallery, product range information, a consultant's preview and social media feeds.

As Mainline had taken on a full-time member of staff, whose role includes keep the website up-to-date, we also developed a fully functional content management system allowing total control over all imagery and copy on the website. The CMS also provided the ability to create new pages, meaning the site is fully scalable, a feature that is very helpful for companies such as Mainline who are constantly adding to their product range and venturing into new markets.

The overall result was and innovative, market leading website which has seen a 22% increase on the already high website visitor statistics the site was previously receiving, justifying the decision to move to a responsive website.

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