Kite Loans


Kite Loans is a licenced credit broker whose website matches people looking for short term loans with 65 lenders to ensure they are offered the cheapest loan available.

Completion Date:
June 2017
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The Brief

We were asked to design and develop a fresh, easy to use website with a simple loan application process gathering details of the required loan amount and payment term, along with some general personal information about the applicant.

Due to the very stringent regulations imposed by the industry, it was vitally important that both the design and functionality abided by the varied and numerous statutory requirements in order for the business to operate legally.


To ensure the website was easy to use, we came up with an uncluttered design which took into consideration the sense of freedom and control you experience when flying kites.

We added some very subtle soft movement to the kite in the logo, and to suggest a windy day (good for kite flying) the clouds and some of the trees also move.

From a ‘usability’ perspective, without having to scroll down or leave the home page, visitors can very quickly start their application process using the simple slider to choose the loan amount. The application form itself has been divided into easy to follow ‘bitesize’ 5 stage process making the process simple to follow.

We also created a character we named ‘Jamie’, who we’ve used to help visually backup information throughout the website, as well as in additional off-site marketing campaigns.

Finally, we made sure that all the various statutory legal information, such as borrowing examples, is clearly displayed to website visitors.

The tools we used

Bespoke Icons/ Infographics
Blog System
Corporate Branding
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