Willowmead Treatment Plants

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Willowmead Treatment Plants are specialists in the installation of residential sewage treatment plant.

Completion Date:
October 2021
HertfordHertfordshireHatfieldWareWelwyn Garden City
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Willowmead Treatment Plants is a part of the Willowmead Developments group. As the name suggests, this side of the company specialise in the installation of residential sewage treatment plant, or ‘septic tanks, as they are often referred to.

Being located in Hertford, they were keen to work with a local website development company, having lost faith in the web design company they had previously used for other areas of the company.

The main reason for requiring a separate website for the Treatment Plants was due to a change in regulations, meaning many existing sewage treatment plants would need to be replaces in order to comply with the new regulations.

Therefore, Willowmead wanted a dedicated website that would focus on the promotion of that specific service.


Whilst the Treatment Plant side of the business is a separate entity to the parent Willowmead Developments, we felt it was prudent for there to be some correlation between them in the overall design, and so our design was loosely based on the parent website.

Although the primary purpose of the website was to promote the treatment plant installation service, there were also a number of other secondary related services which needed to be promoted, such as infiltration testing and drainage field, and so we created a layout where these sub-services could be visually represented with links to internal pages dedicated to providing information about each one.

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