We are excited about new browser launches such as Firefox 4

By Gareth
9th April 2011 at 12:05

Web design and developers like us are always exited with the launch of a new browser version, especially one like Firefox 4. New specifications will allow us to create more content rich and creatively sharp websites.

With any new website we have to take many factors into consideration. While using the newest technologies is great we have to consider the percentage of users that can take advantage.

Newer browsers mean more people will upgrade. While we can never take advantage of the latest features straight away, we can start practising with them so as soon as they become the majority we can incorporate them into our website developments.

As of this year for example, IE version 6 usage is so low we can now start using CSS based menus in our sites. In 2012 and onwards we will be looking at using more HTML5 elements as the user base goes into a majority.

It is an exciting time for website development and we are here to make your websites realise their full potential.

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