Two big technology announcements coming

By Gareth
29th February 2012 at 22:31

The world of websites wouldn’t be the same without some of the great technology that helps us create amazing concepts right through to the final development. The world of photography and tablet devices has been one of our industries most exciting areas. After all most websites would not have the same impact if the lacked the photography that went with it. Two large technology announcements are coming in the next few days.

This Friday sees the launch of Canon’s new 5D Mark III SLR camera. While the model isn’t the camera giants flagship, it offers amazing photographic quality at a mid-range price. While the specifications are still in the rumour stage the device sports a 22 Megapixel sensor, 61 point Auto Focus System and amazing low light ability. The camera isn’t just for photographs, it is also known in the industry as one of the leading video cameras for lower budget films. We say low budget, 2011’s Black Swan was filmed on Canon’s previous 5D Mark II.

Another announcement due is the 7th March’s amazing iPad 3 announcement. As always, Apple keeps things tightly under wraps but the early production screens suggest a whopping 2048×1536 resolution. That’s exactly 4 times the resolution of the previous iPad. We at AWD are excited but are interested to see how websites look on the tablet. Unless some sort of scaling is put into use, pretty much every website designed for your desktop screen with look small on the iPad 3 display. We guess with 2012’s change in web design strategy, it makes some interesting development ahead.

As well as keeping an eye on these announcements, AWD are gearing up for Adobe Suite CS6 in May. There’s a lot happening this year and AWD are here to be at the forefront of it all.

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