The push for HTML5 in our new websites

By Gareth
18th June 2012 at 17:54

The team at Advanced Web Designs Ltd have been pushing for more development of HTML5 the last few months. Our brand new CMS is built on this technology while offering maximum compatibility for previous non HTML5 browsers.

With the highly successful launch of the Orchards Cookery website we are now developing phase two of the project which takes on a level greater than any other site created before. Orchards spend a large amount of admin time on managing bookings. The whole process can take many hours. We have been challenged with creating a Content Management System that not only is easy to use but saves a vast amount of admin work. The new extension of the current CMS allows for drag and drop functionally to move students around courses, place them in kitchens and manage their accommodation. All of these made easy with our great CMS.

Using HTML5 can be tricky in standard websites at the moment with older browsers but the admin facility is where the site can come alive. It allows AWD to maximise our experience in delivering rich HTML5 site features ready for when we can use it on the public section of sites. Of course, where possible we can opt for this quicker when there are other alternatives for non compliment browsers. Technology such as jQuery is a good alternative for the time being.

Our next CMS is built completely from scratch using HTML5 We will use HTML5 to its maximum potential over the next few years with amazing new features and state of the art functionality.

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