New AWD website to launch in January

By Richard
27th December 2013 at 11:11

Our current website was launched at the start of 2009 and back then the site was great for its time. During the recent years, things have changed drastically. While in 2011 we were aiming for a re-fresh, customers were always our number one priority and our team was so busy on working to deadlines that our own site got put aside.

Our expectations for our new site were always high and we were limited by the technology at the time. In 2012 we had actually concept designed the new website before we got too busy again. Then this summer we felt technology had already moved and a complete re-design was already needed. The design team were working hard on a concept that would showcase our exceptional portfolio and amazing ability of our designers and developers.

We knew that like before, customer deadlines would always affect our new site from going live so a vast majority of the development was carried out in our own spare time.

Now at the end of 2013, we are putting the finishing touches to our new site and gearing up for a January 2014 launch.

Fully Responsive Web Design

The new website has been built from the ground up to be fully responsive. Like any new site, responsive design is paramount. Of course, we’re not talking about changing the font size or formatting, our new site is one hundred percent tailored for every type of screen size. We feel the new site will fully showcase just how great a responsive design can be. With 50% of visitors now usingmobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets(mobile phones) for browsing on the go, no new website design in 2014 should launch without being fully responsive.

Showcase of our portfolio

Our portfolio has always been one of the most visited areas of our site. It’s our chance to show our capabilities. Our new portfolio is a lot more in-depth than before and gives us a chance to show the development process. We not only do websites but web development software and online systems. As a result, our new portfolio style gives us a great chance to show the potential of other types of projects we do and how we can help businesses in other ways.

Other Great features

Of course, that’s not it. AWD have plenty more to talk about but why spoil the surprise. We will highlight more great features when we launch our new website in January. We can’t wait for you to see it and use it. It’s going to be something special.

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