How We Make Award Winning Websites

How We Make Award Winning Websites
By Richard
16th June 2015 at 09:03

Over the 15 years Advanced Web Designs has been in business, we have designed and developed many award winning websites. During this time we have been able to establish what the fundamental requirements are to creating a great website.

Using this knowledge we now follow a process which ensures we carry out the necessary steps required to build a great website, no matter what style of site or the target market.

What do we mean by 'a great website'?

In a nutshell, we simply mean one that does the job it's intended to do – one that works. There is simply no point having a website with a great design if the design isn't relevant to the target market. There is no point having a website which gets you to the top of search engines, but is difficult for site visitors to navigate around.

So what is needed to get a great website?

A Great Team

It will come as no surprise to learn that in order to create a great website, there has to be a great team of designers and developers. Here at Advanced Web Designs we have built up a small but highly skilled, dedicated team, with the experience and ability to tackle projects of any size or complexity.

Great Communication Channels

The entire team work directly from our offices based in the county town of Hertford, therefore communication with customers is centralised. Customers can speak directly to any member of the project team at any time. This centralised operation helps to prevent any breakdown in communication during a project development.

A Great Understanding of the Target Market

To create a great website, it is of vital importance that we understand our customers target market and demographic. We fully appreciate that our customers will know their industry far better than we ever will, and that there will often be industry specific 'jargon' used that we may not be familiar with. However, with every project we make it our business to gain as much knowledge as we can, in order to reach the necessary level of understanding which will allow us to create a target specific website.

A Great Project Brief

It is imperative that we not only have a project brief to work to, but that we fully understand the brief.

Not all customers will have a brief, particularly those who either aren't particularly familiar with the possibilities and limitations of website development. With these types of client we will often develop a brief with them. This not only ensures we understand the full scope of work required, but also allows us to suggest features which we believe may be beneficial to the proposed website.

If a customer has prepared a project brief, depending on the level of detail, this can be very beneficial to understand the customer's website requirements. However, in the same was as we don't proclaim to be experts in our clients business, we also don't' expect our clients to be experts in the field of website design, particularly when it comes to knowledge of recent advances in technologies or modern design and development methods.

We therefore recommend a meeting to discuss the project in more detail. This allows us to make improvement suggestions and discuss innovative features that may not have been considered, as well as gaining an understanding of the clients business and their expectation of the website.

A Great Design

When designing websites, there are a number of important aspects we consider to ensure we not only meet, but often surpass the client's expectations.

Without going into too much detail, the initial design concepts we produce are based around a combination of; the businesses corporate identity, our understanding of the target market and demographic, and a responsive 'mobile-friendly' structure with simple and prioritised navigation.

Guided by the style of website required, we use a balance of relevant imagery, copy and user experience features to engaging with visitors to the site, and though measured call to action features, encourage the level of contact required.

Great Development

All of the websites we develop use the most up-to-date coding languages available at the time. This helps ensure that we are not only delivering compliant, cutting edge websites, but also websites with the longest possible lifespan.

Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We understand SEO and throughout the design and development stages of every website, we prioritise important optimisation techniques and considerations, such as key words and phrases, page speeds and legislative compliances.

A Great Content Management System (CMS)

It's crucial for most websites to contain updated content, and equally important for our customers to be able to update content themselves. We therefore provide an intuitive, custom built, scalable content management system with every website we build, allowing customers full control (add/edit/delete) over the copy and imagery throughout the entire site.

Great Service

Finally, through every step of the process we offer a truly great service, and this doesn't stop once the website has gone live. We continue to work with our customers after the launch to ensure their expectations have been met and will keep customers up-to-date with any technical advances that we feel would be advantageous to their website and business.

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