Further details on our future shedule

By Gareth
21st April 2012 at 16:51

The couple of weeks since our last update there has been a lot to report. We have begun work on a very big brand website which will offer some excellent functionality and design. We at AWD, cater for all sizes of websites from the local Hertfordshire based businesses right up to large corporate sites or big brands. Our skill set over the years has proved we are able to virtually achieve anything in the web design industry. We have virtually no restrictions as our staff are extremely skilled in achieving clients’ requirements. On top of that we are competitive in our pricing which makes us the number one choice.

We have just taken on a new developer to join our team. He will be dealing with our existing clients and new customers as well working on the next CMS version 4 with our other main developers. All our work is carried out in house by our experienced team for any website we create. We already have a list of 20 great improvements to add to our next CMS including a new fresh design while maintaining great usability. This is something we are extremely proud of with our CMS. It’s just so easy to use.

As you will see from our portfolio, design is something we are also very good at. Ease of navigation is a factor AWD are always keeping in mind. Despite the increase in technical ability of our projects, we are still able to achieve that outstanding level of usability.

We are extremely excited about the months ahead and will continue to be the leaders of the industry.

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