Enhancements to our CMS

By Gareth
20th October 2011 at 13:31

We have been working on a number of new enhancements to our content management system over the last few weeks and have many more in the pipeline.

One of the feedbacks we always get is how easy our CMS is to use. No matter what type if website you have, be it a E-commerce website, online directory or estate agent, we always look at usability as key. As we develop everything bespoke, our system is uncluttered and tailored to the exact features to your website.

The online space is ever changing so we appreciate the need to keep up to date and offer customers the best solution for their website project.

One of the biggest new features of our Content Management system is the development of integration modules. Each module we create offers a bespoke integration platform tailored for each customer. Integration into systems such as CFP for property lettings or direct feed into e-commerce drop shippers has become just some of our exciting features. We can now incorporate such modules into sites very easily and as a result making it cost effective for the customer.

Into the New Year we’ve highlighted a plan of action for other extended functionality into our CMS. Look out for great news on these soon via the website, Twitter or Facebook.

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