CMS Version 3 now in full swing

By Gareth
25th February 2012 at 12:09

With our last three websites, we have incorporated our brand new CMS system. After 5 years since our first, core elements have been completely reworked. The result is a robust and as always an extremely ease to use system.

Three websites are now up and running using our latest version and already we are receiving excellent feedback. Bugs have been virtually non existent which is an amazing feat in web development itself.  We have six more sites ready to go live soon too that take advantage our platform.

The work doesn't stop there though. We have a number of stunning features to implement during the version 3 life cycle. The way the platform has been developed with the latest incarnation means upgrading the CMS is now a far simpler process. The benefit for the customer is that they can take advantage of these features as they become available. As a web design company, we love looking after our customers and with upgrade plans in place, we just know they will be happy.

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