Canon announce new flagship SLR camera

By Gareth
18th October 2011 at 07:53

Photography has never been more important in websites and now Canon has just announced its brand new 1D X SLR camera. The new camera is revolutionary offering a full frame sensor with an outstanding 14 frames of shooting per second.

The camera may only boast an 18MP sensor, but at Full Frame the ability to shoot in extremely low light situations has taken an astonishing increase.

With modern broadband speeds reaching up to 100Mb, video is also another important factor in website design. The new flagship SLR offers amazing video features that have improved from the 5D Mark II (Canon's previous groundbreaking SLR).

While resolution will never be a factor in websites, great photography is and with the new 1D X, we're bound to see some great photos make their way onto the great stock libraries.

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