Guarding UK

The Site Management System is a custom built cloud software for Guarding UK and allows staff across multiple sites to add time logging details as well as carry out a number of other features.

Completion Date:
September 2012
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The Brief

When the company requested AWD undertake the project, Guarding UK already used an existing system. However, the limitations had been reached and a complete re-think was on the cards.

The staff of Guarding consists of head office, managers and guards. They needed us to create a system for them to allow staff to log their security details on a day to day basis. The system needed to be secure and incorporate many features.

How We Responded

When we went for the initial meeting about the project we were provided with a paper based log for us to replicate digitally and a very loose brief Upon completion of the project, Guarding UK commented on how accurately we had created a system for them.

The software we created for them allows guards to login and quickly add logs to their security detail. There are multiple different types of entry, each of which has further options such as adding additional comments or creating reports.

The site alerts feature allows head office to issue notes to everyone, site managers or individual guards on a day and time basis. As soon as a guard changes rota, the next guard can instantly take over and start adding to the daily log. Using a bespokely developed access rights system, individuals and groups can be set up with specific permissions.

In addition, logs can be searched in the system by managed should any issues arise and logs need to be found. If users run into trouble and need help, there’s a direct alert system in place which allows them to send an instant message to the management team as well as the site owners.

Future Development

The beauty of the system and bespoke software in general is that features can be added over time. The ability of the system is adaptive to the customers requirements. We are continually working with Guarding UK to make improvements and add new features to an already powerful system.

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