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SnugBug are an online store that sell Gel Fire Burners for home outdoor use. Their products are ideal for everything from the living room to the patio garden. As well as selling online, SnugBug sells at trade shows and often has a stall at nearby malls in and around Hertfordshire.

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Completion Date:
October 2012
Client Feedback:

"The earthy, natural feel of the design is exactly what we had asked for but the results were much better than expected"

We were recommended Richard and Advanced Web Designs by a mutual friend. My partner and I had just set up a small company to sell Gel Burners, an ornament that can be used indoors or outside to safely burn bio ethanol fuel, which when alight makes for a warming center piece and talking point.

Not being very web savvy ourselves, it was refreshing that the basic brief we provide was so well interpreted. From the initial design concept and right the way through the project AWD fully understood the product and provided us with some invaluable advice regarding what was needed to ensure we not only ended up with a functional website, but also one that best promoted our product to our target market.

The earthy, natural feel of the design is exactly what we had asked for but the results were much better than expected and their Content Management System is exceptionally simple to use.

Now the website is live, Richard and his team continue to be proactive and are always on hand to help us with either our requests for the many additional features we keep adding, or making suggestions for ways the website can help improve our sales.

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The Brief

The SnugBug brand is a premium one and has the trendy home lover as it marketplace. They therefore opted for Advanced Web Designs to develop their online ecommerce shop as they knew that quality is key.

The company does many trade shows which as a result mean that coupon codes were also required to offer discounts or free postage. Products have limited availability so SnugBug specified that the system was to offer a stock control facility.

How We Responded

Showcasing Bioethanol Fires requires good photographs and a method of displaying them at the best possible quality. The design features an image carousel at the top of the page which is designed to show the varied product range as well as the different uses of the fire burners.

At a product level the design incorporates an image gallery which demonstrates the various applications for the particular product as well as giving ideas to the consumer. Some products also feature a short video to give a visual sense of the type of flame that is produced with each fireburner.

Quality assurance is key so we developed a testimonial section for SnugBug to upload comments from their customers.

Payment is handled by the PayPal gateway platform which was integrated with precision by our skilled web design team.

From a technical standpoint, this was one of our very first AJAX heavy websites. Back in 2012 this was a rare technical feature in e-commerce websites. It means that products can be added to the basket by the customer without leaving the page and a user experience animation can symbolise the process.

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