IT Luggage


IT Luggage is an international brand of luggage tailored to the IT and business industry. Their headquarters are based in Hertford with offices around the world including the US.

Leisure and Tourism
Completion Date:
November 2014
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The Brief

When IT Luggage approached us, they wanted a website that could offer a number of features to customers as well as being developed to their tastes. In this current build, IT Luggage had designed the site themselves internally and came to use to bring their design to a fully working website.

IT Luggage wanted each product to have detailed specifications for the products and multiple images showcasing them.

As an international brand, IT luggage sell different ranges for different regions. As a result, the system needed to handle these too.

Another requirement was also to have a wishlist feature added to the site where customers could pick items for later viewing.

How We Responded

When developing the site we matched their requirements exactly. The specification generation system allowed them to create tabulated data buttons. Each table of information sits within a unique tab and can be tailored to each product individually.

The CMS allows IT Luggage to individually set each product to be visible in different regions. Using GeoTracking, we are then able to detect the country the customer is visiting from and display the products that are relevant to them. To aid usability, it’s also possible to manually change the browsing country at the top of the page.

The wish list style feature was labelled “Luggage Carousel”. As well as adding individual products to the basket and viewing them later, the system we develop extends on that by allowing people to send their carousel list to their friend or collage.

To add internal navigation and the ability to find similar products on the site we added a “You might also like” feature to the carousel which selects products that will be of interest to the viewer.

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