Archive Document Scanning


The Archive & Document Scanning (ADS) company offer its customers a Digital Solution for archiving important company documents, saving them both space and money.

Completion Date:
April 2015
Hertford Castle3425324

The Brief

Having previously designed the original website for ADS, we already had a good understanding of their business, how it works and their target market.

Whilst the main reason for the redevelopment was to update the design with a 'responsive' layout, there was also a requirement for a new, more technical feature.

ADS wanted to offer their customers a Cloud Storage system where they could securely access all of the documentation which had been scanned. The scanned documents would then need to store using multiple indexing options, based on the each customer's specific requirements.

Clients using this facility would then be provided with unique login details in order to access their scanned and filed documentation.

How We Responded

As with all projects, we started with the initial design concept of the home page.

In order to visually explain what electronic document archiving is, we decided to open up the site with a looping video showing the scanning process. The short video perfectly summarises the company's main service answering many potential queries about how the process works.

We then added some 'User Experience' to the site to help engage with visitors. The idea to display the various top-level messages was based on the collation and ultimate scanning of documents. As the website visitor scrolls down the page, each of the key messages displayed in a separate slide, then drops in behind the next before finally being places on a machine for scanning.

We then developed the Clouds storage solution, and to ensure the safety of the documentation, we used SALT Encrypted technology with an additional SSL Certificate for an added level of security.

In the bespoke Content Management System (CMS) we developed for ADS to run their website, we provided the ability to index files using a multitude of options, such as date, project name, department or a combination of these.

Finally, to ensure finding the correct document was made even easier for their customers, as the documents are scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we developed an advanced search facility, allowing all the wording on any document to searchable.

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